Studying to become a Certified NASM Personal Trainer but don’t know what you should focus on to ace the exam?

No worries – we got you!

The NASM-CPT Textbook is over 1000 pages long and covers so many content areas that it can make your head spin. Obviously, the questions on the exam will come from the book, but what specifically do you need to know to pass the exam?

In this video, Axiom Fitness Academy instructor Joe Drake breaks down the 5 most challenging (and important!) concepts that you need to know if you want to pass the NASM-CPT exam on the first try.

Want to jump to a specific concept? Use these timestamps below:

-Concept #1 The Nervous System: 0:45
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-Concept #2 Muscular Leverage: 5:15

-Concept #3 Overactive/Underactive Muscles: 9:44
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-Concept #4 Understanding Exercise Progression: 12:30
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-Concept #5 OPT Model: 14:35
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