Studying for your NASM CPT Exam and getting hung up on Chapter 7 of the textbook?

No worries – we got you!

There are a lot of terms and complicated systems to understand in chapter 7 but knowing them will make you a better trainer. Not to mention, you’ll need a working understanding of these concepts to pass the exam.

But, with so much material, what should you study?

In this video, Axiom Head Instructor Joe Drake, explains the 10 most important concepts to master in Chapter 7 so you can ace your NASM-CPT Exam and actually learn and understand how these translate to training clients.

Want to go deeper on some of these topics?

Check out these videos below:

  1. Muscle Contractions
  2. Anatomic Positions
  3. Planes Of Motion
  4. Open VS Closed Chain Movements
  5. The Force Velocity Curve
  6. Proprioception