Your Training Template Resources Are Here!


Welcome to the wonderful world of training templates! Below you’ll find two different training template downloads and videos for each.

The blank template is designed for you to be able to fill in your desired exercises with each client. The video featured in that section will give you directions how to read the template, use it effectively, and give you the knowledge to make it your own.

The completed template is designed to provide you a completely done-for-you training program that you can use right away with clients to get results. The video accompanying it will give you the understanding of why the exercises were chosen so you can learn how to “reverse engineer” your own programs using our blank template. Additionally, you’ll also find links below the PDF download that will take you to exercise breakdowns for each exercise featured in the completed template.

Ultimately, our goal here at Axiom Fitness Academy is to teach you how to streamline your program, improve your ability to select the best exercises for clients quickly, and provide you a proven system for crafting killer workouts in less time.

Have any questions? Shoot me an email at [email protected] to get answers.