Want the convenience of an online course but the guidance and practicality of an in-person experience?

Live too far from the Axiom Academy to attend in person and don’t have a personal training prep course close by?

Have a hectic work schedule that prevents you from being available the same days and times each week?

The Axiom Virtual Classroom Experience is the perfect option.

Designed specifically for those that are located too far from the Academy to attend every week or students that need a high level of flexibility in their schedule, the Virtual Classroom Experience (VCE) brings the classroom right to you. Each week, you’ll have access to the same learning modules and live, interactive Zoom calls that allow Axiom students to absorb knowledge faster and get answers from the instructor in real-time. Additionally, VCE students will even have the opportunity to visit the Axiom Academy for a 3-day, hands-on experience that covers every single thing that students learn in our in-person course.

Make no mistake, this isn’t your typical online certification program or course. Instead, this is the only course that actually provides a real instructor teaching live sessions and providing answers and support directly to you. You’ll never be left to “figure it out” on your own and you’ll have mentorship and guidance provided as long as you need it.

Here’s what you can expect from the Axiom Academy Virtual Classroom Experience:

  • Access to the entire Axiom Academy online learning platform so you can learn at your own pace from instructors that train clients every day – instead of a textbook
  • Live weekly class sessions that will allow you to get answers on demand and connect with other students around the world for support and motivation
  • Rotating class session days and times to accommodate and schedule and recordings for all class sessions
  • An immersive 3-day in-person experience for those that want the benefit of learning how to work hands-on with clients
  • The most comprehensive CPT exam study guide created with over 500 flash cards, practice tests, and full test breakdowns
  • Our Axiom Pass Guarantee that promises you’ll pass your exam on the first try or we’ll do whatever it takes (and cover the cost) to make you successful on the next try

*All Virtual Client Experience Students will also receive a NASM textbook, NASM exam registration, and NASM online access unless otherwise noted.