The NASM OPT Model is the backbone of designing training programs for NASM-certified personal trainers.

While the OPT Model might get some flack from other organizations or veteran trainers, we believe it’s still one of the best best programming models out there for teaching the concept of liner periodization to new trainers. If you master it, you’ll be set up for success.

However, learning all the phases of the OPT Model can be a little confusing since the reps, tempos, rest periods, and objectives of all the phases are constantly changes. Don’t worry, though – we got you!

In this video, Axiom Fitness Academy instructor Joe Drake breaks down the entire NASM OPT Model of programming and explains each individual phase. This is easily the most comprehensive guide to the OPT Model and includes sets, reps, tempos, rest periods and more for you to better understand how to program for your clients.

Want to jump to a specific phase?

Use these timestamps below:

-Phase 1 (Stabilization Endurance): 6:32

-Phase 2 (Strength Endurance): 16:03

-Phase 3 (Muscular Development): 21:54

-Phase 4 (Maximal Strength): 27:25

-Phase 5 (Power): 31:03