“Where Are They Now” is a brand new and on-going blog series where we highlight and interview past Axiom Fitness Graduates about their career journey since leaving the Academy. They share lessons learned, career insight, and how they’ve used their Axiom education to become true changemakers.

Jeremy attended the Axiom Certified Personal Trainer prep course back in September 2018. Since then, he has become a successful personal trainer at FTX Wellness and Performance and also started his own non-profit organization, Repetition Through Recovery.

Jeremy is a low-key guy with a heart of gold who is passionate about helping recovering addicts through fitness. He recently sat down with Axiom Co-Founder, Joe Drake, to answer a couple questions and talk about his journey since graduating from the Axiom Fitness Academy and getting certified. 

In this video, Jeremy shares:

  • How the gym has helped him get through some significant struggles in his life
  • Why he chose to take the Axiom course and how it has impacted his career
  • What makes the fitness community in South Florida unique
  • The truth about what being a personal trainer is really like
  • Why having good mentors is important to success in fitness and life

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